Mediation Services


Patience. Persistence. Neutrality.


      Attorney McKenna is a trained mediator specializing in family disputes. She provides a comfortable, confidential environment for couples to negotiate their family related issues freely and honestly, with her guidance. Many couples prefer Mediation because it is faster, less expensive, and less emotionally draining than litigation. Mediation affords the parties to take control over the outcome of their case, instead of leaving their future for the judge to decide. Attorney McKenna provides a forum that ensures each party feels on an equal playing field.

The Mediation Process

First, the parties will have a consultation session with Attorney McKenna. At this meeting, Attorney McKenna will gather facts, establish the issues to be resolved, and answer your questions about the mediation process. The initial consultation may be a joint meeting with both parties, or, if preferable, each party may first meet with Attorney McKenna individually, for a half hour session.

Next, the parties schedule their first mediation session, which is planned for a two hour time block. Mediation sessions are informal, and take place in Attorney McKenna’s office in an open, honest, respectful and supportive manner.

The parties will be asked to gather their financial information for use at the first mediation session. Attorney McKenna will provide a blank financial statement to each party, with instructions for completion. The parties will submit their financial statements and any other requested financial documents to Attorney McKenna at least two days prior to the first mediation session. Full and voluntary disclosure of each party’s finances is a necessary element of mediation.

Mediation sessions will continue until all issues are resolved. At this stage, Attorney McKenna will draft the agreement (commonly referred to as a Separation Agreement) along with all pleadings necessary to file a Joint Petition for Divorce, or Agreement for Modification of Judgment, as the case may be.


Cost of Mediation

The parties may “pay as they go,” with payment due at the end of each session, billed hourly. Attorney McKenna charges a reasonable flat fee for the drafting of the Agreement and court pleadings. All fees are discussed at the initial consultation, and the parties may cater the fee structure to fit their needs and ability to pay. All major credit cards are accepted.


Benefits of Mediation

•Mediation is typically less stressful, less expensive, and less time consuming than protracted litigation.

•Mediation is a safe, confidential forum to work out areas of conflict.

•The parties retain control of the outcome of their case, so that they are not leaving the issues for the Judge to decide.

•The parties learn, through the assistance of the mediator, how to perceive problems through the other’s point of view. This is an invaluable tool, particularly where parties wish to work together raising their children after divorce.

•During Mediation, Attorney McKenna may offer creative suggestions for possible resolution that the parties may not have considered. As a team, the parties work with Attorney McKenna to find a compromise that suits everyone.