Areas of Practice


Divorce & Family Issues

The majority of Attorney McKenna’s practice is devoted to family law matters. She understands how emotional and frightening the divorce process can be. Attorney McKenna handles each case personally, and counsels every client with care and empathy. Attorney McKenna believes that educating her clients is as important as aggressive advocacy, so that the client can make informed decisions that are guided by Attorney McKenna’s sound legal advice. An informed client is an empowered client.

Attorney McKenna has extensive experience handling all varieties of domestic relations matters, at all phases of divorce litigation, from discovery of financial evidence, obtaining temporary orders for custody and support, effective negotiation, and trial. Although most matters should and do settle, if you case necessitates a trial, Attorney McKenna has many years of trial experience and her expertise will ensure that your issues are properly presented to the court for a fair determination.


For more information on mediation services click here.

Limited Assistance Representation

Limited Assistance Representation is an alternative type of representation that is ideal for clients who cannot afford to retain general counsel for the entirety of a case, but who wish to have legal assistance in some important aspects of the case, such as representation at a motion hearing, a four-way meeting or mediation session, or a pre-trial conference. Alternatively, a client may simply need behind the scenes help with drafting of court documents, such as the financial statement, discovery responses, or the Separation Agreement. The client and Attorney come to an agreement as to the scope of the representation, and exactly what aspects of the case the Attorney will handle.

 Criminal Law

Attorney McKenna has several years of experience successfully defending clients in the district courts against criminal charges from the probable cause hearing or arraignment through jury trial.

Civil Litigation

Attorney McKenna handles personal injury claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents, wrongful deaths, slip and fall injuries, dog bites, and medical malpractice. Attorney McKenna also handles breach of contract disputes, and insurance coverage disputes. If you feel your insurance claim has been improperly denied, contact Attorney McKenna for a consultation.


Attorney McKenna provides Arbitration services to parties who seek an alternative dispute resolution forum that is binding by agreement of the parties. An Arbitrator is chosen by agreement of both parties to govern an evidentiary hearing that takes place at the Arbitrator’s office and, after the hearing, the Arbitrator will render a decision in favor of one party. The decision shall be binding upon the parties. Often, parties to a contract will agree that any dispute arising out of the contract shall be determined by Arbitration. Attorney McKenna is a member of the Hampden County Bar Association Arbitration Mediation Panel.


If you have obtained a final judgment that you believe is in error, you may be able to appeal the court’s ruling to a higher court for review. The appeals process typically begins at entry of a final judgment (although in some unique cases, you may be entitled to interlocutory appeal, before the case is final). Appeals are time sensitive, and you waive your right to appeal after a statutory period of time has passed. Typically, an appeal period is thirty days, but can be as short as ten days, depending on the circumstance. It is therefore imperative that you contact counsel right away, upon obtaining a judgment that you are contemplating appealing. Attorney McKenna handles all types of appeals in her areas of practice listed above. Contact Attorney McKenna for a consultation if you believe you may have an issue for appeal.